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It includes various interesting blackjack books, amazing movies of blackjack and also hilarious jokes about blackjack! From the rules of the game to advanced professional strategies, his guidance and advice runs the gamut of strategies needed to successfully beat the casino-with the odds. The infamous MIT blackjack team hit casinos with more sophisticated card counting techniques from through to the s, making millions and earning themselves notoriety in casinos from Atlantic City to Monaco. Play Blackjack Like the Pros is the beginners' guide to blackjack and card counting that we wish we had written. I highly recommend your system to anyone that is serious about winning at BlackJack. There are a few additional authors that also have made very impressive contributions to the advancement of advantage play. It also features 3 different card counting systems:

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There have been a variety of authors and players who have attempted to put their spin on the Thorps ground-breaking work, some do it justice while others fall well short of that goal.

Professor Thorp will be publishing a new book in late January, A Man For All Markets is a reflection on his life, his influence on Las Vegas and the Stock and options markets as well as offer advice on the general business of life.

The second of the four books I find essential in the advancement of advantage blackjack play is Peter Griffins: The Theory of Blackjack. This book broke down every aspect of blackjack in a strict mathematical approach. The entire book reads like a high level math text. Essentially, it is one proof after another, using multi-variable calculus in both integral and derivative aspects.

A lay person flipping through it on a casual basis would likely be put off by the page after page of equations and quickly discard it as not being worth the effort. But like most things in casino gaming, the opposite is true. The approaches by Griffin outlined the fundamental proofs that the aspiring game theorist should apply to their analysis of any game they are trying to solve. Simply stated The Theory of Blackjack was a blueprint for future advantage players to follow when determining what questions to ask when they are developing new strategies.

It also provides general directions for the hopeful problem solver. Ken Uston even after his death remains one of the most controversial players in the history of the game.

The book introduces a variety of new concepts like the introduction of a multi level counting system and ace side counts. Gaussian distribution curves on hit frequencies of the most frequent win percentage, as well as comparative analysis between multi level counting systems and single level system are among the new Ideas introduced by Uston in MDB.

I have found something new in the book every time I have read it. Beyond Counting Exhibit CAA is arguably the most advanced text ever written on the subject of Blackjack and the other aspects of casino gaming. It is also one of the rarest. Only copies were printed and you had to be screened by the author and approved to purchase the book. The page book reads like math text book in some places and a sarcastic commentary in others.

It evaluates games like 3 card poker, Caribbean Stud and even discusses approaches on the big six wheel and roulette. I humbly admit I did not grasp every concept on the first go through.

Most players, including me, only apply one or two chapters to at a time. Blackjack Attack will tell you anything you ever wanted to know about the math and statistics of straight counting. Really helped me figure out how to bet and play optimally, and how aggressive to be with certain games. I'm looking to purchase my 1st book on blackjack. Any suggestions for a beginner to counting? Theory of Blackjack, 6th ed.

Marcoux a non counters book This guy said a whole bunch of nonsense concerning the game, for example: Be forewarned, there is a lot of crap books out there; a bunch of money grabbers. On the subject of maximizing one's comp's: Penned by a well known Poker pro and author: Books that I feel have been the most valuable in my education: Blackbelt in Blackjack by Arnold Snyder: I think this is the best introductory book on the subject.

It gives a very realistic depiction of what being an AP is actually like and delves into more advanced topics than most books, without being incomprehensible to the beginner. The Red 7 and Zen counts are also great contributions. Blackjack Essays by Mason Malmuth: I've never seen anyone talk about this book, which is odd because his essays on "card domination" cutoff tracking and front-loading are excellent. He also has reasonable advice on casino comportment.

Blackjack Secrets by Stanford Wong: Another great study on casino comportment, and discussions of some of the finer points of the game. The section on "top money-making opportunities" is very valuable, as it illustrates the need to be on the lookout for non-traditional opportunities eg. Million Dollar Blackjack by Ken Uston: Obviously outdated, but filled with great information and very well-written.

There is a lot to be learned here, including some advanced techniques although Grosjean takes some issue with his front-loading strategies. Comp City by Max Rubin: An invaluable resource for the comp game. This one's also a laugh riot. This is the one book that could probably pay itself off many times over in just a few hours of playing, even for complete beginners. Lonesome Gambler , Nov 3,

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