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Imagine a math teaching tool so effective that it need only be employed twice per week for less than an hour to result in huge proficiency gains. Are you looking for free 7th grade math games? Swimming Otters - Variable Expression. Think outside the Flock. One-Step Equations - Math Basketball Play another fun basketball math game about solving one-step equations with addition and subtraction. In the 'Introduction' section, you can find a progress report specifically designed for this website. Videos are available on topics such as finding range, median and mode, finding supplementary angles, solving 2-equation word problems and solving algebraic expressions.

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Imagine a math teaching tool so effective that it need only be employed twice per week for less than an hour to result in huge proficiency gains. Should kindergartners put away the building blocks and open the math books? According to recent research, earlier is better when it comes to learning mathematical concepts. But that could put undue pressure on kids, parents and even teachers. AAA Math's Lessons These written lessons can help your child better understand 7th grade math concepts, like positive and negative integers, scientific notation and equations with decimals.

Purplemath's Algebra Resources If your son or daughter is struggling with the basics of algebra, these thorough lessons may lend a hand. Videos from Math Game Time This site offers several different activities to help kids learn math, including video lessons , online games and printable worksheets. Did you find this useful? If so, please let others know! Online and in-center tutoring One on one tutoring Every Huntington tutor is certified and trained extensively on the most effective teaching methods.

K12 What K12 offers: Online tutoring Has a strong and effective partnership with public and private schools AdvancED-accredited corporation meeting the highest standards of educational management. Kaplan Kids What Kaplan Kids offers: Kumon What Kumon offers: In-center tutoring Individualized programs for your child Helps your child develop the skills and study habits needed to improve their academic performance.

Sylvan Learning What Sylvan Learning offers: Online and in-center tutoring Sylvan tutors are certified teachers who provide personalized instruction Regular assessment and progress reports.

Tutor Doctor What Tutor Doctor offers: In-Home tutoring One on one attention by the tutor Develops personlized programs by working with your child's existing homework.

TutorVista What TutorVista offers: Online tutoring Student works one-on-one with a professional tutor Using the virtual whiteboard workspace to share problems, solutions and explanations. Integer Warp - Math Game. Kangaroo Hop - Geometric Shapes. Mapping Maps - Geography Game.

Me and The Key - Logic Game. Me and The Key 2 - Logic Game. Me and The Key 3 - Logic Game. Puppy Canoe Race - 2 Digit Addition. Puppy Chase Decimals Game. Ratio Blaster Math Game. Ratio Stadium - Math Game. Snail Bob 2 - Logic Game. Snail Bob 3 - Logic Game. Sugar Sugar 2 - Logic Game.

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