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Uses weights to help feed cards Does not require batteries One year warranty. If you play cards often, and all the more so if you play for money stakes, you want to make sure that the deck of cards is shuffled properly. Ideal for people with arthritis: English Choose a language for shopping. This makes an excellent gift for the card enthusiast, whether they run a regular poker night, or just like to play Uno now and then. You can then pull the two sections apart to access the wires. Based on all the consumers' reviews we've scanned, these are the top things they mentioned about their new stuff:

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Ideal for people with arthritis: Both the manual and the electric shufflers were a hit with people who enjoy card games, but unfortunately have problems with their hands due to arthritis or stiff joints. A push-button shuffler, or even the manual with the hand crank, does the trick.

Number of decks that you can shuffle at once: Which games can use more than one deck: Poker can theoretically only be played with one deck, in order to preserve the probabilities of getting each type of hand. But other games, such as blackjack, casinos will generally use several decks, to eliminate the possibility of counting cards.

Can shuffle different sizes of cards: A poker deck of cards is larger than a deck of cards for bridge. A poker deck measures 2. There are also varying thicknesses of cards. Check if the shuffler that interests you is able to shuffle different sizes of cards.

The Brybelly models for example, the Deck Deluxe Wooden Card Shuffler can accommodate both types of playing cards. Some shufflers also work better with plastic cards than with paper cards. Brybelly --was founded by Jeff Smith and Knute Lentz in in Greenfield, Indiana, as retailers of many brands of products in the areas of games, toys, health and beauty.

They sell carnival supplies, hobby games, kitchen utensils, barware, and much more. Their card shufflers can shuffle 2, 4, or any range from 1 to 6 decks of cards. After dozens of shuffles with the same three decks, the cards weren't feeding well, and it got progressively worse.

We thought it was the feed wheels but when I set the decks aside to look at the shuffler, I noticed that there was a very slight curve to the cards. They cards had bowed ever so slightly from repeated shuffling, but that was enough to affect the feed. On a hunch, we flipped the deck over so the faces, rather than the backs, were facing up in the shuffler and it immediately worked like new.

Bottom line, it was the cards, not the shuffler that were causing the issue. Try flipping the deck if your shuffler performance slows. Received this shuffler today. First thing I noticed was three little plastic pieces in the bottom of the plastic bag it was packed in. Never a good sign, right? I figured out that one was the right side bracket that holds the plastic tray in place.

Never did figure out the other two. However, I thought if that is all that is broken, I can glue that. So I proceeded to put 4 brand new C size batteries in the bottom. THAT was no easy feat! Had to have hubby help hold the flimsy springs in place so I could get the batteries connected properly.

Still encouraged that I would love it, I grabbed two decks of cards and placed them in the slots. Went to push down the shuffle button, and it had no resistance at all and nothing happened. I suspect the other two plastic pieces might be the culprit. Needless to say, Larry the UPS guy will be swinging by tomorrow.

I bought this for a group of friends who play Hand and Foot. It functioned alright, but since at the end of the game card numbers are grouped together, so it takes a lot of shuffling. It functioned for a few months, now only one side works. I took it apart, and one of the wires had been poorly soldered and must have jiggled itself loose. Its too late to return it, so I'm out the cost. I have a friend who knows how to solder. He soldered the wire for me today, and we used it tonight.

It works again; yea. You take the batteries out and remove the long screws that are recessed in the two holes in each battery compartment. You can then pull the two sections apart to access the wires. If you can solder or know somebody who can, its easy to fix. A very good and fun product. Nothing fancy, but it does what it is supposed to do. I really appreciate the fact that a couple of days after purchase, I received an email from the seller detailing a possible slight problem and the solution.

It even included a video. So nice to know they weren't just in it for a sale, but wanted me to get my full enjoyment from it. And my grandson loves it! Got this for my daughter to take back overseas.

They play a card game that uses six to eight decks of cards. Everyone in her card group loved this as it shuffles six decks at a time with no problem. Going to get one for myself. This automatic shuffler is a Godsend. My hand dexterity is not what it used to be so trying to shuffle 6 decks for Hand and Foot is quite difficult. This little gizmo solved that problem immediately. Still works perfectly and I have had it for over a year now.

All our neighbors and friends have exactly the same Casino 6 Deck Shuffler. It would not shuffle 5 decks The manufacturer needs to adjust that metal piece with a slight bend in it Then, you either press a button to engage a small motor , or you turn a small crank by hand, either of which operation will rotate a gear system under the opposing trays.

These gears work inversely so that when one is in the up position, the other is in the down position, which ensures an alternating shuffle. As the gears move through their up positions, they push the bottom card in each tray slightly toward the center of the shuffler where a rubberized gear on either side turns constantly, grabbing anything that comes near it and moving it down into the final deck.

Toward the end of the 19th century, inventors and entrepreneurs throughout England and the United Stated proposed several different shuffling apparatuses, some of which were miserable failures, while others went on to become the basis for the machines we use today.

One of the first such devices, invented in by Henry Ash, was simply a box with a kind of comb halfway toward its bottom. Dealers could load the box with a deck of cards and shake it fervently, but only about half of the cards would make their way through the dividing teeth of the comb. The first hand-cranked mechanisms arrived in , and they looked similar to the manual models still available, but these relied on the friction between cards to create a sense of randomness.

With no means for the machine to grab a card and funnel it toward the final centrally deposited deck, they could only use gravity to achieve their shuffle. The growth of the casino industry throughout the 20th century led to more advancements in card shufflers, and the devices you're liable to see on the floor of a modern casino far outperform the shufflers we've rated for you here today.

Unless you have a friend who's particularly adept at counting cards and shuffle tracking , however, a simpler mechanical shuffler is all you're going to need. Sheila is a writer, cosplayer, and juggler who lives in Southern California. She loves sitting down with a hot cup of tea and coming up with new ideas. In her spare time, Sheila enjoys drawing, listening to podcasts, and describing herself in the third person. The 6 Best Card Shufflers.

We spent 44 hours on research, videography, and editing, to review the top choices for this wiki. Add a touch of Las Vegas to your next game night at home with one of these card shufflers from our comprehensive selection. They're perfect for Blackjack, Canasta, Poker, and more.

Those with arthritic hands will appreciate how easy these devices are to use, and they'll create an element of flair and professionalism that will enhance your game and impress your friends.

When users buy our independently chosen editorial picks, we may earn commissions to support our work. Skip to the best card shuffler on Amazon. Video Review Resources Ebay Jet. Brybelly Automatic Two Deck. The Brybelly Automatic Two Deck works with all standard card types. This makes an excellent gift for the card enthusiast, whether they run a regular poker night, or just like to play Uno now and then. And there's no reason for the recipient to know how little it costs. Very fast shuffling Drains batteries quickly Not particularly durable.

If you only need to use one or two decks at a time, the Bicycle Automatic is a good choice. Cheaper than the higher-capacity alternatives, this device will get your deck shuffled with the press of a lever.

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