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Classic slot machines in a modern format. But beware of nasty muck! Member last active 6 months ago. Plunge into the world of online casinos with our slots. Your bonuses can be multiplied by 50 or even Welcome to the bonus game. Make sure you comply with the terms of each chip before you purchase the casino chip.

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Бонусы от казино SlotV

Familiar sounds familiar animation and mathematics real devices! Classic slot machines in a modern format. Begin the bonus game! Increase the amount of loot in the super bonus game; Do you want to win, but too lazy to stick? Start Autoplay and enjoy increasing prize. You see 3 or more safe? Welcome to the bonus game.

Open the safe in any order, receive for their bonus money. But be careful not to undermine the dynamite! Easily opened all the boxes? Go to the super bonus game. Your bonuses can be multiplied by 50 or even Trust your Chuyko, win a lot of money and find a radio operator Kat. Believe in luck and wait for the line of Fairy Land characters. He will give you up to 10 credits! Game Symbol - 3 or more frogs on the drum will open the bonus game. Gently run your green beauty of the lotus leaf.

But do not let the crocodile to eat it! You have successfully sent the main character on the other side of the lake? You'll get a super bonus game! Guess for how lantern hidden frog and increase your winnings! Find a crocodile - you come back with nothing in the main game. The risk of the game in the best traditions of pirated entertainment. Can you guess which side to fall out of mug dice, red or black? Believe in your luck and parlay bonus.

In this slot as much as 2 bonus games! You trust your luck? Give the dice to choose a number, which is hidden under the barrel with jewels. Or take matters into your own hands and stop the rotation of their own. The game lasts until you find yourself in an empty barrel. Help the pirate find all the jewels and he generously shares with you loot. He has only your name and surname. But how are advised Alexander just need a little time and patience.

Hi folks - if there is a delay in shop requests by the reps, I always post in the " members claimed shop items " thread. I have advised in that thread that there are delays with Betchan and Limoplay and this delay continues.

The rep will respond as soon as he can but I'm guessing he is away at the moment. I will update again tomorrow if I've not heard. In the meantime, I'm chasing him up for responses. Use this function to inform the moderators and administrator of an abusive or wrongly posted message. Last post made Started by zuga admin last active 13 min ago. Back to list Forum General Discussion. Please login or register to post or comment. Started by aymenpronet at October 03, , Member last active 6 months ago.

Report Thank Quote Reply. Replied by blueday at October 03, , Thanks for this post from: Well here are some tips to help reduce the 48 hour wait time: Replied by aymenpronet at October 03, , Continue your great work blue and LCB.. Thank you for all job. Hi, I think the delay of recieving purchased items from LCB shop is too long, 48 hours and can be more long if it's weekend.. Yes, I have the name and the surname. This is enough information or not?

Replied by aelen at October 04, , Replied by blueday at October 04, , Also - please post in English only! Replied by LheNxxx at October 06, , Member 59 last active 5 months ago. How may i know if my credits is already eligible for cash out???

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