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When we talk and socialise, we usually want to exchange relevant and useful information for it to feel meaningful and worth the effort. Of the Levels of Communication phatic, factual, evaluative, gut-level and peak communication most Aspies seem to prefer factual and abhor phatic. Many go directly to gut-level even with strangers, without passing through the other stages — which is often appreciated with other Aspies but generally seen as inappropriate with non-autistics.

For me it is a real effort and I have to concentrate on it as hard as if I was doing an upper level math problem. Empty compliments are not something that will impress an Aspie.

We usually only give compliments we really mean, and therefore expect the same from others. We may also have a very different opinion on what is worth complimenting on…. In the same way that I find it annoying to accept compliments for how blue my eyes are, I find it annoying for people to compliment me on the fact that I have created and managed a database of over 15, names for work.

But no one is getting off their rear ends to contribute to the thing, no one knows how to use it, and the fact is, the reason they compliment me is so that they can ask ME to look up data for them that they ought to be finding themselves but are too incompetent to do. It is difficult with compliments I think.

Of course you should be honest and say what you think to others. But then it ought to come spontaneously, and that you can do to anyone, not just to those you like. May be problematic if compliments become too many or too exaggerated and saying things just to impress, that makes me sick. These are things most Aspies take very seriously.

What can be quite astonishing is that some of those rare individuals with combined diagnoses of AS and narcissism or antisocial personality disorder may volunteer this information quite freely and display rather than hide socially taboo feelings and thoughts. I want to fight with everyone, provoke, create kaos. Without this possibility I feel empty. For an Aspie it is natural, when asked a question, to answer it as truthfully — and often as extensively — as possible.

Some can produce a white lie or withhold facts if absolutely necessary, but many need to prepare for such events in advance. Lying spontaneously does not come natural to most of us, unless that person also has antisocial or sociopath traits or other problems, or feels compelled to improvise out of character from fear of punishment.

I become extremely anxious when I have to tell a little white lie on the spur of the moment. To be able to tell the smallest fib, I have to rehearse if many times in my mind.

I run video simulations of all the different things the other person might ask. If the other person comes up with an unexpected question, I panic. When those who have a direct communicating style try to communicate with those who have a non-direct style, it is only natural that there will be misunderstandings and bad feelings on both sides. Perhaps we can learn from each other when communicating across our respective cultural borders? Non-Aspies might learn to be more open, direct and true to their word around Aspies, and Aspies might learn to be more tactful around non-Aspies?

Some of us do learn this, eventually. This to me indicates that our communication difficulties are mainly due to an innate difference rather than to something wrong with our brains. Our difficulties seem to be more of a cultural kind; like coming to a foreign country and not knowing the language or social codes there.

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