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All the game features are similar to the online version, with a few additions in the mobile platform, such as game center and game location. Two, Hot Shot Bally is filled with a colorful theme that forms an uplifting gaming session for all casino players that attempt to play it. Game-in-game bonus round Once you unlock this mode, all bonus symbols turn into small slot machines. The rewards of this bonus round are quite appealing because once you spin the wheel you have a chance to grab up to , credits. Report this game X.

Hot Shot Bally Manual

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The top award that a player can achieve here is 10, credits multiplied by the total bet placed on the round. Players can expect a hit frequency of This game can be played for real money on the online version and land-based casinos. This game includes many bonus rounds, making it very attractive from a cash rewards perspective for players.

The Game within a Game bonus allows players to win huge rewards. Players can trigger this round on landing three or more symbols of the classic icons on the reels. In this round, the slots represented by symbols get converted into respective mini reel spinners. The progressive jackpot win is associated with these mini spinners. These progressives have a minimum value of 10 credits and a maximum value of 10, credits. Other than the progressive jackpot, you can also play for the top wheel bonus.

The top wheel bonus gets activated once you land three of the bonus symbols on the base game reels. The overall payout in this bonus round ranges from 8, to , credits. Apart from this, players can also play the Free Games Wheel bonus where they get three or more mixed symbols on their screen.

This bonus round features two rings in the bottom bonus wheel. The inner ring adds a multiplier of 2x or 5x to the winnings of the player. All the game features are similar to the online version, with a few additions in the mobile platform, such as game center and game location.

Game center lets you post your results on a social platform and compare with that of other players, while the game locator tells you about nearby casinos where you can play this game. A point to note here is that, unlike the online version, the mobile slot game cannot be played for real money. Let as look at the notable game features that make Hot Shot bally so interesting to play.

Yes, you read right. You can play the game at the comfort of your home with absolutely no charges. Once you perfect your gaming skills and get in touch with the Nitti grit ties of this slot game, proceed to play for real money.

If you lack the mentioned devices, no need to frown because you too can play the game via the flash option. The flash option is simply using your mobile default browser to access the Slot Hot Shot. However, before you proceed to try out the mobile version, it is critical to note that you cannot wager real money on the mobile platform.

That said, take advantage of the free play available on your mobile to perfect your gaming skills. Report this game X. What is the problem? Play for real money. Do you enjoy it? Why not play for real money? Just click on the box below! Play for real money! More slot machines from Microgaming.

Microgaming Reels 5 Paylines Microgaming Reels 5 Paylines 50 Min. Microgaming Reels 5 Paylines 20 Min. Hot Shot Bally Manual All necessary buttons to operate this exciting game can be found at the bottom of the screen. This symbol is probably what makes Slot Hot Shot so exciting.

Unlike other slots, Hot Shot Progressive Slot has five scatter symbols, which act as bonus symbols in this game. Whenever three bonus symbols or more appear on an active payline, the game-in-game bonus round is activated. What does the game-in-game feature entail?

Well you are about to find out.

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