Дурак Онлайн взломанный (Чит много денег)

If the attack succeeds see below , the defender loses their turn and the attack passes to the player on the defender's left. The total number of cards played by the attacker in an attack may never exceed six. The game consists of a series of attacks in which one player lead Otets Dimy Olga Samoshina Drawing from the Talon After a bout is complete, all players who have fewer than six cards must if possible replenish their hands to six by drawing sufficient cards from the top of the talon. A 36 card pack, the cards in each suit ranking from high to low:

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A trump card of any rank beats all cards of the other three suits. For example a six of the trump suit beats an ace of any other suit. The attacker opens their turn by playing one card face up on the table as an attacking card. The player to the attacker's left is the defender. They respond to the attack card with a defending card. The defender attempts to beat the attack card by playing a higher ranking defending card from their hand. For example if the attacker plays an 8 of spades the defender must play a higher spade such as the 10 of spades or a card from the trump suit to defend successfully.

The defender must match the suit of the attack card or play a card of the trump suit the suit of the card placed below the deck. The defending cards are placed on top of the attack card overlapping it so both cards are visible and its clear which cards are attacking and defending cards. After the first attack if the defender defends it successfully the attacker may make a new attack, if they cannot or refuses to then the player to the left of the defender may start a new attack or pass the chance to attack to the next non-defender going clockwise around the table.

For each new attack which is defended successfully by the defender, the player who led that attack played the last attack card may start a new attack. After the original attack, attacks can only be made if the new attack card matches a card which has already been played during that round.

If the player who led the last attack doesn't want to attack again and all future attacks during the round of attacks then the original attacker may make a new attack, if they pass on making an attack then players to the defenders left may attack or pass and so on going clockwise around the table.

There cannot be more than six attacks in each round of attacks. Each new attack card is placed to the left of the last attack card and the defender plays their defense card on top of the new attack card creating a row of attack and defense cards.

The defender must respond to the new attack in the same fashion as the first attack by playing a card of the same suit of the new attack card with a higher rank or a trump card. All other players may make a new attack if the defender has successful defended the last attack. The original attacker has priority for making an attack, then the player to defender's left has priority and so forth going clockwise.

Some variants only allow cards to be added to the attack once the first defending card has been played. At any point during a round of attacks, if a defender is unwilling or unable to beat the most recent attack card, they may give up their defense and must pick up all the cards played during that round of attack all face up cards on the table.

In addition to the defender picking up all the face up cards on the table, the other players may shed cards which have already been played face up cards which the defender must also pick up.

In this case the round of attacks end and the player to the defender's left starts the a new round of attacks. If, however, the defender has beaten all attacking cards and no other players are willing to make another attack or if the defender beats the sixth attack card, the defender has won the round of attacks. In this case all cards from that round of attack are placed in the discard pile and the defender starts a new round of attacks as the attacker and the player to his or her left becomes the new defender.

At the end of each round of attacks against a defender, whether or not the defense was successful, each player draws new cards from the deck until they have six cards in their hand unless the deck has been exhausted. The main attacker draws as many cards as necessary first, followed by any other attackers in clockwise order, and finally the defender. Players who play their final card leave the hand and do not draw new cards from the deck.

The defenders final card must beat the last attack card, otherwise they must pick up all the cards played during that round of attacks. The last person left with cards in their hand is the loser the fool or "durak". In some variants, this player becomes the dealer for the next round. The player to the fool's right may become the first attacker for the next round. Some variants declare the winner of the round to be the first player to exhaust their hand and leave. In others, there are no winners, only the loser.

With four 2 vs. The members of each team sit opposite one another with two players on each team , or alternating with three. In some variants, the team with the lowest trump starts the first round, but in subsequent rounds the winning team from the previous round begins. This is more insulting than simply declaring the loser durak "fool" , because of the handicap of keeping a low-value six card through the final part of the game.

If the attacker plays two sixes, it is an even more cheerful occasion of "epaulettes on both shoulders". Some variants use the epaulettes as scoring points. If someone has a six as an epaulette, the opponents must next score against them using a seven, and so on until someone receives an ace as an epaulette. To score, the winning individual or team must not only end with the correct epaulette value, but must include at least one non-trump card in the final attack.

A some variations of the game a defender may pass to the next player if they have a card of the same rank. The defender adds this card to the pile and the next player becomes the defender. The defender now becomes the new attacker, and the player to their left becomes the new defender and must beat all cards played by the attacker. Passing is not allowed if the new defender has fewer cards in their hand than would be in the passed attack. In games involving four or fewer players, it is possible for the attack to pass all the way around the table, so that the original attacker ends up defending against their own attack.

The holder of the trump card of the same rank may play it at any time during the attack. If playing with fewer than 4 players, it is possible for the attack to be passed all the way around and come back to the holder of the trump card again. In this case the trump card may not be shown or played in order to pass the attack a second time. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. That one card determines trump suit all cards of the same suit are trumps and is the last card from the deck to be dealt.

Trumps rank higher than all cards of any other suit. If you have five or more cards of the same suit at the start of a game, you will be given the option to have all cards added back to deck, the deck reshuffled and dealt again known here as a 'redeal'. Playing the Game The play consists of a series of attacks with an attacker and a defender.

The attacker attacks one card at a time while the defender defends each attacking card with one defending card until the attacker ends the attack or the defender accepts cards.

The attacker ends an attack when the attacker can no longer attack or chooses not to attack. The defender accepts cards when the defender can no longer defend or chooses not to defend an attack. If the defender accepts cards, the attacker may add additional applicable attacking cards to the attack, all attacking cards as well as defending cards in the current attack are added to the defenders hand.

The attack is then concluded. The hands are replenished and the attacker begins a new attack. If the defender successfully defends all attacking cards, the defender beats the attack and has the option of forfeiting the defense by accepting cards anyway or becoming the attacker.

If the defender accepts anyway, all the same rules apply as if the defender never beat the last attacking card except that in the case of forfeiting the defense, the attacker may not add additional attacking cards to the attack. If the defender chooses to become the attacker, all attacking and defending cards of the current attack are removed from the game, the attack is concluded, hands are replenished and the defender becomes the attacker by beginning the next attack.

The computer will never forfeit a successful defense. Replenishing Hands At the conclusion of each attack, if the attacker of the concluded attack has less than six cards in hand, cards are drawn from the top of the deck and added to the attackers hand until the attacker has once again six cards in hand or until the deck is empty.

The defenders hand is replenished after the attacker in the same manner if less than six cards in hand. Once the deck is empty, hands are no longer replenished. Until a game is played that results in a winner, the hand with the lowest ranking trump determines the first attacker. The lowest ranking trump is exposed to both players to ensure integrity. If neither hand has a trump, the player not the computer is considered the first attacker.

Once a winner is determined, the winner is the first attacker of the next game. Rules for the Attack The attacker may choose any card from hand for the first attack card. The attacker may add a new attack card to the attack each time the previous attack card is defended if the following conditions are met: The value of the new attack card must match the value of any attacking or defending card played in the current attack.

The total number of cards played by the attacker in an attack may never exceed six. The total number of cards played by the attacker in an attack may never exceed the total number of cards in the defenders hand at the beginning of the attack. Additional cards added to the attack after the defender accepts must meet the same rules as any new attacking card.

Rules for the Defense To beat an attacking card, the following conditions must be met: If the attacking card is not a trump card, the defending card must be a trump of any value or be of the same suit as and have a higher value than the attacking card. If the attacking card is a trump card, the defending card must be a trump card of higher value. Winning the Game If all cards are dealt and one player rids all cards from hand while the other player has cards remaining in hand with no other play allowed, the player with the empty hand wins.

The other is Durak! The Double Six Win 'Fool with Epaulettes' If the attacker wins a game and the two final cards played within a single bout by the attacker both have the lowest value of six, epaulettes are given to the loser representing a special rank of fools.

Winning a game in this manner will be recorded as a pair of epaulettes given to the computer and will count as a double win.

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